Diversification through Real Estate

As an asset class that is less correlated with traditional investments such as stocks and bonds, we believe that real estate as an alternative investment offers a myriad of strategies to compliment a well-diversified portfolio.  Operating under this thesis, IGF launched its two Funds; IGF Fund I and IGF Green RE, LP (Fund II), each possessing their own distinct investment strategies while continuing to adhere to IGF’s strict, risk-managed investment approach.


Triple Net Lease Real Estate

IGF’s first Fund, IGF Fund I, was a successful deployment of capital into a single tenant, net-leased real estate portfolio consisting of investment-grade corporate tenants. 

As a more conservative fund, the fully-funded strategy provides dependable monthly income, strong intrinsic asset value, and limited risk to our investors. 

Tenants include reputable operations such as Verizon, Advanced Auto, Dollar General, Walgreens, AT&T, and others. Our assets have performed without interruption during the pandemic.


Investment Thesis

Site selection for the Fund I portfolio is achieved through extensive market research. Acquisition locations are based on geographic, demographic and economic growth.

We do not pursue higher capitalization rates at the expense of lesser credit, lease terms, or location. This disciplined process of due diligence has been executed by the principals of our firm and has not been delegated to third-party consultants.


IGF’s second fund, IGF Green RE, LP, was formed to participate in the extraordinary growth of the medical cannabis industry through the stability and security of net-leased real estate.

Through sale-leaseback arrangements, IGF Green RE is the real estate partner to companies engaged in the licensed cultivation, manufacturing and sale of medical cannabis.

Acquisitions are geographically diversified across the United States and involve the following characteristics; 

  • The Fund seeks to participate in the recession-resistant sector of medical cannabis and acquire assets in jurisdictions that are deemed in the industry as an “essential business” during the pandemic.
  • IGF Green RE seeks risk-adjusted returns on each acquisition, equally underwriting both the physical real estate asset and cannabis operator tenant.

IGF Green RE

Investment Thesis

Vertically-integrated cannabis tenants that are licensed and compliant within their jurisdiction.

Favorable regulatory locations with high barriers to entry.

Credit-worthy cannabis tenants with double or triple-net leases of 15 to 20 years in length.


IGF Partners’ real estate projects are eligible for 1031 and Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) capital.

IGF Green RE has acquisition opportunities for 1031 exchanges and larger, DST capital commitments. 

DSTs can act as a 1031 replacement property option for investors seeking 1031 tax benefits. Typically much larger and out of reach of most individual investors, DST properties  still provide the advantages of tax benefits and income potential as 1031 exchange properties, and are considered direct property ownership for tax purposes.